4 Popular Teeth Straightening Options


One of the first things people notice about others is their smile, but if you’re too self-conscious about your teeth to smile with confidence, you might not be offering the best first impression possible. Fortunately, there are many dental options available for revitalizing your smile. Whether you choose to straighten your teeth over time or invest in cosmetic procedures that offer immediate improvement, your orthodontist can help you select the right solution based on your needs and budget. To get you started, here’s a brief guideline on the 4 most popular teeth straightening options:

  1. Braces

Braces are a traditional, cost-effective method of straightening teeth, and they can correct a wide variety of misalignment problems from mild to severe. Brackets are attached to the teeth, connected by wires, and tightened at every orthodontic appointment to move the teeth into place. The entire process typically takes 2-3 years, and while braces are most commonly used for children, many adults also opt for braces, particularly those with clear, less visible brackets. Get affordable braces for adults.

  1. Invisible aligners

Advancements in dental technology have led to the invention of invisible aligners, which work similarly to braces—slowly moving teeth into place over time—but offer many advantages. The invisible aligner trays are barely noticeable while in use, and they can be removed for meals and daily oral hygiene. Invisible aligners are popular with adults who want to straighten their teeth, but they are best suited to people with mild to moderate misalignment, not severely crooked teeth. Invisible aligners are typically more expensive than traditional braces, but the treatment duration is similar.

  1. Veneers

Veneers are a great option for people who want to improve their smile, but don’t want to wait years to show it off. Made of fingernail-thin porcelain or composite material, veneers are attached to the surface of the teeth and effectively hide mild misalignment issues, gaps, stains, and other flaws. While veneers don’t technically straighten teeth, they are customized to each patient and are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Best of all, veneers can be applied in one appointment, giving you a straighter, more beautiful smile in hours, not years. Get affordable veneers in San Diego.

  1. Snap-On Smile

Another instant solution to improve your smile is the Snap-On Smile, a cosmetic, removable arch that snaps over your existing teeth. Made of high-tech dental resin that is thin but extremely strong, Snap-On Smile is an affordable solution for people with crooked teeth, stained teeth, missing teeth, and gaps. After taking an impression of your mouth, your dentist will send it off to a dental lab to create your customized Snap-On Smile, and a few weeks later you’ll have the straight, confident smile you desire.

Make the best first impressions with a new smile

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