Why is 4I is Enough Better Than Dentures?

4I is Enough vs. Dentures

If you’re missing a significant amount of teeth, you basically have two options. You can either choose to go with traditional dentures or opt for the 4I is Enough dental implant procedure. 4l is Enough is a procedure in which a full set of teeth are fastened to four titanium screws, providing you with a permanent set of teeth. If you are on the fence, let the team at San Diego Dental Speciality Center explain to you why 4I is Enough is a better option to replace missing teeth than dentures.

They Can’t Fall Out

One of the most embarrassing things about wearing dentures is that they can unexpectedly fall out at any time. You could be in the middle of a fascinating story at a dinner party, and suddenly your dentures hop out of your mouth and onto the floor. This scenario is impossible with 4I is Enough. 4I is Enough fuses your artificial teeth to your jawbone with titanium screws so they will never fall out.

No Eating Restrictions

With dentures, you get a comprehensive list of foods to avoid. On this list are sticky foods (peanut butter, gummy candy), hard foods (popcorn, nuts, corn on the cob), foods with small pieces (sesame seeds, nut shells, popcorn kernels), and tough meats (pork chop, ribs). While eating these foods wouldn’t be catastrophic to your dentures, they can lead to issues down the road. With 4I is Enough dental implants, there are no long-term eating restrictions.

They Look More Realistic

There is something about dentures that just don’t look real. They have the appearance of real teeth, but most people can spot dentures from a mile away. 4I is Enough is fused directly to the jawbone and feature replicas of your original teeth, providing a natural and attractive set of teeth. Smile with confidence knowing that your teeth look great!

Clean Them Just Like Normal Teeth

With 4I is Enough, to clean your teeth all you need is to equip yourself with some floss and a toothbrush and you are ready to go! Simply treat the teeth as you would normal teeth and you will see your dental health flourish. With dentures, the cleaning process is more complicated and involves cleaning solutions.

They Are More Comfortable

Dentures rest on your gums, causing discomfort and eventually mouth sores. 4I is Enough feels exactly like traditional teeth, leading to minimal discomfort and little possibility of future complications.

Keep Your Teeth in 24/7

One of the lasting images of dentures is the fake teeth sitting in fluid overnight. Never worry about having to wake up in the morning without your teeth, as the 4I is Enough dental implant procedure allows you to have a full set of pearly whites 24/7.

Get the 4I Is Enough Tooth Replacement Procedure in San Diego

With all of these benefits, it is obvious that 4I is Enough dental implants are a better tooth replacement option than dentures. The next step is finding a trusted 4I is Enough specialists. At San Diego Dental Speciality Center, we have years of experience giving patients a full smile with the 4I is Enough procedure. If you are interested in learning more about 4I is Enough or want to schedule a consultation, contact San Diego Dental Speciality Center today by calling (619) 263-6683.